House System

House of Liddell


“If I know something to be true, am I prepared to follow it even though it is contrary to what I want… Will I follow if it means being laughed at be friend or foe, or if it means personal financial loss or some kind of hardship?”  -Eric Liddell

liddell house shieldEric Liddell was born in China, the same place he would humbly die after returning as a missionary later in life. This hard-working Scotsman was a national hero, winning the 400-meter race during the 1924 Olympics. However, this was not the most incredible act of heroism.  Because all non-nationals were considered enemies, he was placed in a Chinese internment camp. He continued to faithfully serve others in the camp until his death, even giving up his opportunity to leave prison to another woman and her unborn child.

Motto: AUDIUMENTO DEI (With God’s Help)

Verse: Psalm 60:12 “With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.”

Traits: Hard-working.  Honorable.  Humble.  Heroic.

House Shield Symbols:
The Great Wall of China–represents the hard-work that is part of a Kingdom focused life.  Many of the choices that Liddell made were not easy ones when pride is involved.  However, for Liddell, these were easy decisions.  He valued honoring God more than perceived success.

Thistle–represents Liddell’s humility.  While he was an incredible athlete, Liddell’s greatest determination was to be a true hero.  His humility was evident as he chose not to run his best event in the 1924 Olympics, due to the preliminary heat for the race taking place on a Sunday.  This lifestyle continued as he died in a internment camp in China after giving up the chance to be released so that a pregnant woman would be released instead.

Laurels–Traditionally, these are awarded as the victor’s crown.  This was a prestigious honor bestowed upon both athletic and poetic competitors in ancient times.  Liddell not only received the victor’s crown in the 1924 Olympics but the way in which he finished his life, for the sake of the gospel, reminds us that the truest honor is found in faithfulness to Christ.

Red and white–colors of the flag of China, Liddell’s country of birth and death.

Red–the color of might, reminds us of the heroic manner in which Liddell sacrificed his own glory and ultimately his life for others.

Green–the color of  honor in the Highlands of Scotland, reminds us not only of the value of earthly honor but also of the ultimate eternal honor of “…well done my good and faithful servant”. (Mt. 25:23)
White–the color of authenticity, represents the heroism that Liddell displayed throughout hardships.