Student Life



8th Grade Banquet

KPA’s Eighth Grade Banquet is a unique occasion where students celebrate a rite of passage as they transition from the School of Logic into the School of Rhetoric.  This commemoration begins with a formal dinner, includes a “charge” and character recognition ceremony, and commonly concludes with entertainment arranged by the parents.  Everyone looks forward to this memorable event.

Junior and Senior Banquet

The Obduco Lampus or “Passing of the Torch” is a formal ceremony planned by the junior class but enjoyed by both 11th and 12th grade students.  As the seniors “pass the torch” of leadership, the juniors in turn, encourage the seniors as they transition into a new season of life.  This celebration serves as a special milestone for all and is followed by a unique post-banquet celebration each year.

Athletic Banquet

Each year, student athletes and coaches are recognized for their participation and achievements in Kingdom Prep athletics.  The assembly gathers for a wonderful meal as participants remember and celebrate each sport season of the bygone school year.