High School – TAPPS

(Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools)

The Texas Association of Parochial and Private Schools (TAPPS) is the organizing body for the majority of private school athletic programs in the state of Texas. It is the equivalent of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) that is organized for public schools within Texas.

TAPPS divides schools into classifications based on their high school enrollments from Class 1A to Class 6A. KPA participates in TAPPS Class 1A.

As a member of TAPPS, KPA is placed into a district with other area schools. This district provides KPA with a large amount of its regular season schedule and the opportunity to win a district championship. Based on performance in district, KPA Warriors then have the chance to enter the TAPPS playoffs and pursue state championships.
High school athletes and families must abide by TAPPS rules and regulations, which include a yearly physical and other rules acknowledgements. The TAPPS offices are located in Fort Worth, Texas.