“Travel is more than the seeing of sites; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” —Mary Ritter Beard

Making sense of the people and places from history, developing an appreciation for a wide range of cultures and geography, achieving a greater understanding of God’s creation…these are just a few reasons educational travel is valued by our school.

Throughout the course of a student’s time at KPA, he or she will be given the opportunity to participate in several trips which correspond to classroom learning.

4th Grade Trip to the Alamo

Alamo_WEBIn an effort to support learning and foster a love for history, Kingdom Prep’s 4th grade students travel to San Antonio to visit the Alamo. The tour of the Alamo comes at the close of the school year and brings to life the events being studied relating to the Texas Revolution. Through this experience, students begin to truly understand and appreciate the courage and ultimate sacrifice of so many that took part in the significant battle for liberty and freedom.


Student Testimonies

“I had always read about the Alamo, but going there made it real. It was like it really happened instead of a fairy tale that you hear about. I could imagine the different parts of the battle and how scary it must have been for the fighters.”

“Well, it was super fun riding on the bus with all of my friends. I felt like going to the Alamo helped my understanding of what happened there better. It wasn’t at all how I imagined the fort being. It was bigger than I thought and had a lot of different parts to it.”

8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.

A trip to Washington DC is an opportunity to witness history in person and democracy in action. After spending the year studying modern history with a special emphasis on U.S. history, eighth grade students have the chance to visit some of the most important sites in our country. America’s capital city is a great place to:

Other sites include: Library of Congress, Ford’s Theatre, Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian Museums, MLK Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and more!

Student Testimonies

“[This trip really] lifted the words off the pages of our history books.”

“The D.C. trip was fun because I got to see memorials and sites that made history seem more meaningful to me.”

“I loved the D.C. trip because it is so fun to see where history took place and to learn about what happened.”

9th Grade Mystery Trip

The first weekend after school starts, our ninth grade class loads up and heads for a mystery weekend adventure. The mystery trip is full of fun memories and shared experiences, and serves as a time to solidify longtime friendships and create new bonds among the freshman class as they begin their high school careers at KPA. Ninth graders use the time during the mystery trip to have plenty of fun and also to look for ways to be servant leaders as they move into the School of Rhetoric.



Grand Tour

Grand Tour Agamemnons Tomb_WEBIn times past, scholars would traditionally participate in a “Grand Tour”—a tour of significant European cities—as a culmination of their classical education. KPA continues the tradition of the Grand Tour because we believe that it serves as an opportunity for students to make connections to the people, places, and events of the past that they have studied in their humanities courses throughout the duration of their time at our school. More than a vacation, this trip is capstone to our students’ education and is funded by tuition ensuring that all students can participate. We travel to Greece and Italy during the spring break of their junior year to visit some of the foundational sites of Western civilization in ancient Greece and Italy and to view the magnificent artwork and architecture of the Renaissance and beyond. A few of these sites of significance include:

As they travel, students keep journals and write blog posts about their experiences. CLICK HERE to read about past adventures on the KPA Grand Tour blog.

Student Testimonies

“To have my feet where [Paul’s] feet could have been two thousand years ago was amazing. You could just envision everyone there, all the monuments, all the distinguished leaders of their day discussing whatever the hot religious or political topic was that day, when suddenly, a common man stands up and begins to telling all these learned people about this “unknown god” they wanted to make sure they didn’t forget. It’s really very fascinating.”

“It brought an even more vivid reality to the Bible and its teachings. I realized that Mars Hill was the first place I had ever physically been to that had been in the Bible, and it gave me chills just to think about it!”

“The oracle [at Delphi] was an amazing place to visit as a tourist, but I give thanks to our great God that we were not there to seek important advice. As studying the ancients reveals, people searched and searched for the security and happiness that only comes from one source, and we are blessed as Christians to know the True Source personally.”

“Through this experience, this once in a lifetime opportunity, this chance to see the world and grow as a learner and scholar, I have observed different cultures and people and have grown in knowledge. God’s goodness, love, and creative power are so overwhelming!”