Activities & Organizations


PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association)

Kingdom Prep students in grades 1-8 have the opportunity to participate in an academic extracurricular program through PSIA, an education organization serving privately-schooled students in Texas. Fifty-nine academic contests are offered in the subject areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, Speech, Social Studies, and Fine Arts. Students commit time to study and preparation for the contests and compete at district level meets. Students placing 1st-2nd place at a district meet advance to the state meet held on the campus of Texas Christian University.

State “A” tournament Awards:

2015 – 10 medals, Top Ten State Ranking in the Middle School Division

2014 – 4 medals

2013 – 1 medal

Learn more about PSIA here.

TAPPS Academic Competition

TAPPS allows students in grades 9-12 to participate in a variety of academic competitions including speech, debate, and various subject-specific contests. coming soon to KPA!


Scholars Day is a day set aside each spring where the academic pursuits of our high school students can be showcased. Seniors who have completed the thesis program present and defend their papers on this special day. Additionally, students in grades 10-12 who participated in independent study programs through the Distinguished diploma plan will also display or present the individual projects they completed during this special event.


Leadership, scholarship, service, and character are four areas of emphasis for students involved in NHS. 10th-12th grade students may participate in NHS if they have:

NHS students must participate in ten hours of service (in addition to community service required for graduation), pay yearly dues, and attend regularly scheduled meetings.