Fine Arts


Grammar School Music Class

Kingdom Prep’s grammar school music classes are taught utilizing the Kodaly Method as the foundation of classroom instruction.  The Kodaly Method focuses on development of musical skills and concepts at a very young age utilizing folk songs, Curwen hand signs, rhythm symbols, and syllables.  In the grammar school music classroom, enjoyable games and activities serve as the means of exposing students to musical terminology, as well as composer, music composition & instrument study.

Grammar school students participate in musical programs.  These programs allow students to practice proper vocal technique, experience participation in live productions, and appreciate a varied repertoire of music.  When in 4th grade, a KPA student will also acquire instrumental skills by learning to play a recorder.



Choir is an elective option for students in the Schools of Logic & Rhetoric.  In this class, students are provided an opportunity to develop and improve proper vocal technique.  Students are introduced to ensemble singing, receive instruction in blending, balancing with others, and listening analytically.  The goal is to instruct students in the finer points of choral singing while encouraging an appreciation and enjoyment of the art form.


One Act Play

Starting in the School of Rhetoric, our students have the option to audition for and participate in TAPPS’ One Act Play Competition. This is an excellent avenue to experience theatre arts while also creating camaraderie through competition.



Another elective option for students in the Schools of Logic & Rhetoric, Art emphasizes drawing skills which are improved through various exercises and real life observations.  Works are created using charcoal, colored pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolor & acrylics.  There is also an emphasis in Art History which is incorporated into more modern projects.  Students experience working with three-dimensional art such as papier-mache’ or wire sculpture, as well as experimental processes such as printmaking or altering materials with heat.  Opportunities are provided for individual works of art to be exhibited and entered into competitions.